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Mark Paul Interview with Brant James

Mark Paul, author of The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told, talks to renowned sports columnist, Brant James, an alumnus of, USA TODAY and the Tampa Bay Times and current host of the Points Taken podcast.

Mark gives a colorful interview on his book and gambling with suspected cartel members.

Press Release – Gambling Goes Mainstream f 3 20 2020 v2

New Book, The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told, by Mark Paul, Coincides with New Era of Sports Betting

2018 Supreme Court Ruling Leads to  Upsurge in Books and Movies that Feature Gambling 

Los Angeles  3/20/2020 – The release of a rollicking, true adventure yarn–The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told—coincides with a new era of sports betting that will change the face of gambling forever. Prompted by a May 2018 Supreme Court decision to overturn the ban on sports betting, 42 states have now embraced legalizing sports betting.

Hollywood has been quick to jump on the bandwagon: Five new major motion pictures have been released or announced: Dream Horse, featuring Academy Award® nominee Toni Colette and Damian Lewis, Uncut Gems, featuring Adam Sandler, Baccarat Queen (from the producers of Crazy Rich Asians), Dangerous Odds, featuring Margo Robbie, and 7 Days to Vegas. On March 24, 2019, Showtime released its new dramatic series Action, which chronicles the Supreme Court’s ruling on professional gamblers, oddsmakers and the everyday sports bettors.

And now a new book, The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told arrives with the inspiring story of a female racehorse, Winning Colors, who broke through the male-dominated world of horse racing to win the Kentucky Derby in 1988. It is also the story of three wild-and-crazy gamblers betting to win millions—unknowingly, with the Mexican Cartel–on Winning Colors’ 50-to-1 shot to win the Derby, and risked their lives in the process.

At least 56 million people in the U.S. play fantasy sports online, and more than $150 billion is annually wagered legally in the U.S. “That number is going to increase by 500% or more now that sports gambling will be legal in the majority of states in the next few years” predicts author Mark Paul. “Millions of people spend a large part of their free time reading and watching sports while gambling, poker is already huge, and I believe this is a large, budding market for books, audiobooks, and film. Sports betting is going to explode thanks to the Supreme Court ruling,” according to Paul.

The book has reached #1 Best Seller rankings on Amazon: book trailer: Trailer – The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told and for other information on The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told, and additional gambling articles:


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“How can you resist a true story with the Kentucky Derby, the Cartel, Tijuana Gambling, and a guy named “Miami? You can’t! Prepare yourself for the ride.”
—Brandt Andersen – Executive Producer, “American Made” (2017), “Silence” (2016) and “Lone Survivor” (2013)

“This booked ruined my vacation – because I sat in my room unable to stop reading! I was worried for the characters as they traveled to Mexico and back with millions in cash. I want to see this place in Tijuana, Mexico!”
—Rusty Weber, Wealth Manager

“I have owned horses for 30 years and loved this exciting and true story. The racing scenes will have you on the edge of your chair rooting for the brilliant filly battling the colts!”
—Joel Adelman, Thoroughbred Owner

“A fast, easy read with action that doesn’t stop. I enjoyed the racing scenes as well as watching the foolhardy gamblers try to extract themselves from their predicaments. A thoroughly enjoyable read.”
—Howard Parelskin, Attorney

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