Tips To Selling Your Book

Create an Attractive Author Web Site

  • Photo Gallery. Blog Articles. Editorial Review Media Room. Bio. Book Trailer. Podcasts. “Buy” Links to Amazon, B & N, Apple Books, etc.
  • Respond to readers that email you from your author site – I send them an “epilogue” and request an Amazon review (I have been fortunate to attract over 500 reviews)

Create a Compelling Book Title and Visual Cover! (something that induces the reader to learn more)

  • Use Professionals! Editors – Publishers – Social Media – Other Marketers
  • Use Amazon Ad Words – study
  • Be SURE to re-write your Book Description with or other program!
  • Be sure to use “Editorial Reviews” and “Recent Praise” as many readers  – read who wrote the review or praise more than the actual review or praise (try to get known sources whenever possible)
  • Great for seeing the competition
  • Great for seeing the competition
  • I have 600 key words HOWEVER – my best success is with “Automatic Targeting” (AMAZON CHOOSES the “keywords”)  Use “Dynamic Bids Up & Down”
    • 4 categories- be aggressive with “Close Match” and Loose Match” Be careful of “Complements” and “Substitutes”
    • Keep your ACOS under 70% (initially may be higher while you test)
  • Determine your 20 Amazon Categories (10 for Kindle and 10 for Print) Choose wisely!
    • Pick 4  “EASIER” categories you can be a top 10 Seller – try to be #1 in at least 1! Even if you lose money on Amazon in this 1 category- fight for it!
    • Pick 6  more competive categories that sell a lot of books!
  • Consider a Video Book Trailer – if you can make it exciting and interesting with music and copy. Keep it under 60 seconds.
    • YouTube book trailer video ads
  • Consider an Audio Book
  • Twitter & Facebook Ads
  • Email to your “Tribe” with links to your author site
  • ASK for Amazon reviews from everyone!
  • Send out paperbacks to industry media sources (obtain a USPS account- and mail out books in the “window” mailing large envelopes $7.15 per book) Do a nice cover letter each time.
  • Create Author Business Cards (mine features the book cover on one side)
  • FYI -I don’t give out “free books” to anyone but the media- it’s too much of an obligation to ask people to spend 6 + hours reading a book – if they want it- they will buy it!
  • Market everyday! Advertise!   Spend!
  • In summary – do not be afraid to self-publish or hire a paid publisher. I succeeded because I had the freedom to aggressively promote the book myself. And, I love controlling my own content and making my own marketing decisions.

Commit fully. You must tell everyone you have a great book and you are going to be a successful author. If you do not believe it, why will they?

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